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WP Coupon

Just released a few days ago was WP Coupon 2.0. Well I have to say this plugin for Wordpress does exactly that and so much more. There are a lot of features and addons that make this plugin stand out from other similar software. But building this on top of Wordpress was a great idea. Everyone knows that Wordpress out of the box plus a few addons and tweaks is the perfect CMS.
WP Coupon - Wordpress Coupon Plugin
We where lucky to be invited to test WP Coupon this past weekend and so far we are excited. The default design is nicely laid out with an easy to follow flow. (Unlike other coupon sites I have seen that are so congested and everything is meshed together). I like how they include an affiliate link management system that helps cloak links and redirect dead links. This would be very useful when you have thousands of stores and when one is deactivated or expires from the affiliate network you don’t have to worry your visitors being redirected to another page.

Another great feature I liked a lot was when creating new stores it allows you to auto-generate the stores description and keywords. This really helps you save a lot of time. An even easier way is to use the bulk store add option which allows you to enter your affiliate network ids in and it will generate a file that you can upload to your site that will add stores in bulk.

Other things to note are that a lot of the processes are done using ajax which makes it easy to do a lot of things without refreshing the page. The back-end is easy to navigate and provides some useful tools for creating new stores and posts.

What really makes WP Coupon amazing is the ability to update store coupons by a data feed. WP Coupon does offer a service to do this but you can almost use any service out there. This really makes keeping your coupon site up to date.

We are going to continue to test out WP Coupon and will let you know our results in a few months.

WP Coupon - Turn Wordpress into a Coupon Site

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