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Turn Spam into Cash

Turn Spam into Cash

Are you sick and tired of getting your websites spammed? Now you can finally cash in on all those spammers. This process is easy and the results can be rewarding.

*This method is in the gray zone and is not for everyone.

How this all happened

I had a forum running on a site of mine and for months it was getting so much spam that one day I decided to check the stats and was shocked to see how much traffic it was getting. I was receiving a lot of back links from other spammed blogs, sites, and forums. After thinking for awhile about restarting the forum and deleting everything I decided to just capitalize on all the traffic.

How it Works?

After awhile your site gets marked by spammers as an easy target, thus more spammers target you and try to spam your websites. Over time your forum/website/blog is so full of spam it useless and hard to recover. Not anymore, all you have to do is create a simple two page website that has an article that relates to your domain and the rest filled with ads. Then just sit back and watch all the spam traffic turn into profit!

Here is a screen shot of my adsense account for one day. (Below)

AdSense Reports Spam to Cash

Do the math: $13 x 365 (Days in a Year) = $4,745 Year

A few tips before we start:

- Make sure you already have a website getting spammed heavily. This works best if you have a forum that you “left” and haven’t taken care of and is full of spam posts.

- An account with Adsense, Adbrite, or any other PPC network.

- About 30 minutes to create another quick site full of PPC ads.

What to do

Create a new site with two pages. The two pages are simple to make. First create a homepage for your website, then create a “404 page not found” and make sure you fill it with ads. I suggest using Wordpress and creating a blog and filling it with articles. That way you can easily configure your “404 Page not found”.

NOTE: Make sure you configure your server 404 page to point to your 404 page you created or you will be missing out on a lot of money.

How to Get a Better Payout

How to Get a Better PayoutNot many new affiliate marketers realize that they could be making more money without doing anymore work. When you are working with numerous affiliate networks you run across the same offers from different networks. What you don’t realize is that you can negotiate a better payout. Most affiliate networks have a base payout which is set for every campaign. The secret to getting a better payout is just plain and simple, ask your affiliate manager. Nine out of ten times they will most likely boost your payout. Remember affiliate managers are there for you.

How to Play Network Payouts Against Each Other

If you have two networks that have the same offer but different payouts then this can be a good thing. For example network A has campaign BOB with a payout of $23/lead while network B has campaign BOB with a payout of $21.50/lead. Now all you have to do is contact your affiliate manager from network B and tell them that network A is paying $23/lead for campaign BOB and you would like them to match or beat that. More than likely they will beat the other offer. So instead of making $23/lead you would be making $25/lead. I even had some go up $5 dollars on a $15/lead campaign!

You could then just play each network against each other back and forth until you get a even better payout. Affiliate networks would rather break even or lose money (if you are super important) on a campaign then have you run the same campaign at another network.

Just a reminder, you most likely will have to show some type of proof that you are getting that payout from the network. May it be an email, screen shot, or some other type of written evidence.

9 Ways to Make Marketing Work During Challenging Times

Should Your Marketing Change During Challenging Times?
New GlobalSpec White Paper Reveals 9 Ways to Make Marketing
Work in a Difficult Business Environment
In challenging times, it’s more important than ever to find optimal ways to get more out of marketing investments, and measure and account for marketing decisions. How can you maximize your company’s marketing efforts?

Find out by downloading “Pragmatic Business Strategy: 9 Ways to Make Marketing Work in Challenging Times.” Designed for companies within the industrial sector, this white paper offers advice on how your company can be one of those “success stories” that market and grow their business during challenging times.

It provides practical tips for making marketing work in a difficult business environment, helping to:

  • Prevent a downward spiral of falling behind
  • Gain market share from competitors who cut back
  • Position your company for a surge when conditions improve

You’ll also discover how GlobalSpec can help you meet specific marketing goals designed to help you reach your target audience effectively, gain greater control and measurement over marketing investments, and seize market opportunity through a variety of proven tactics — even in these challenging times.

Download your complimentary copy

P.S. Attend “More Effective Marketing for the Industrial Sector“, a 30-minute online seminar to discover how to market to the industrial sector more effectively. Learn about fresh, effective and proven strategies to help you reach your customers and build your brand and business. Register today.

Tips to boost traffic this season


6 e-mail tricks to improve sales
Gone are the days when an e-mail was just an e-mail. By giving each message its own strategic angle, your communiqués to customers can become offers, announcements, or special occasion greetings. They’re a great way to help you target specific audiences this season. Take your marketing to a new level with these six helpful tips!

Send them to your landing page
So you’re ready to launch a brilliant e-mail marketing campaign. Your secret weapon? A customized landing page on your Web site. Landing pages serve a different purpose than standard Web site pages since they’re designed to encourage customers to fulfill a particular call to action such as a purchase or sign up. To be successful, they should be tailored to drive customers to take the next step. Review the five steps that will help you create a winning landing page.

Reading your site reports
Once you’ve created your landing pages, the next step is to track them and make sure you understand how they’re performing. Learn how to interpret report statistics such as number of visitors and use of search keywords so you can make improvements to your site. The more you understand each report, the better your chances to increase seasonal conversion rates and turn visitors into customers. Get started with our primer on understanding reports.

Make your e-commerce site “sticky”
As your online store competes with millions of others this season, give it “stickiness,” or staying power, by following five proven steps to keep customers engaged. Discover how sticky sites motivate visitors to linger, then return later to buy more. From showcasing your goods to simplifying navigation, these tried and true tips will give you a strategic edge over competitors.

Need help with your site? Visit the Office Live Small Business blog.
If you’re looking for better ways to promote your business this season, the Office Live Small Business blog is a great resource. You’ll find all the latest best practices, feature news, and small-business advice from experts such as Rieva Lesonsky, CEO of SMB Connects and advocate for small and midsize businesses.

TIP: Dress up your site with a visual theme
A quick way to make your Web site shine is to select a visual theme that matches the vision you have for your business. To select a theme, follow these steps:

1. Sign in to Office Live Small Business. On the Home page, in the left navigation bar, click Web Site.
2. On the actions bar, click Design Site, and then, in the drop-down list, click Design site.
3. Click Theme. A list of theme categories appears.
4. In the drop-down list, click the theme category that you want. For each category, a list of images appears.
5. Click the image that you want to use in your header. It is automatically selected and placed in the header on all of the Web pages on your site.

If you like the way a theme can transform your site, take the next step to adjust your styles, fonts, and colors.

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Ways to Help Improve Your Rank and Lower Your Cost-Per-Click

Basics on Quality Index and Ad Copy

Your ad quality, which is based in part on how frequently people click on your ads relative to your competitors, matters a lot. High-quality ads can receive higher ranking on the search results page at a possibly lower cost-per-click. On the other hand, poor-quality ads can cost you more and are most likely not attracting customers. So it’s critical to write good ad copy that will help improve the quality of your ad and help you get more clicks.

Monitoring and Maintaining Your Quality Index
In your account, ad quality is represented by your quality index. You will see the quality index shown as one to five bars—the more bars an ad has, the higher its quality. Monitoring your ads’ quality indices, which are displayed on the Ad Group details page, can help you figure out which ads need more work.

Writing Effective Ad Copy
Well-written ads get the attention of your customers and may improve your click-through rate (CTR) and ad quality. Here are some tips for writing great ads:

Be clear and precise - Write ads that are clear, concise, honest and, of course, grammatically correct. Don’t over-hype your business.
Use your keywords in your ad - Use the Insert Keyword function, available when you create a new ad or edit an existing one, to automatically insert your keyword in your ad. Keywords in your title or description help your customers recognize that your ad matches their search.
What’s in it for your customers? - Be specific as to how your service or product can benefit your customer.
Include a call-to-action - Words like “Buy Now” in your ad may encourage customers to click. If you have a specific offer, make sure you state it.
Set yourself apart - Let people know how you’re different from your competitors—free shipping, a money-back guarantee, many years in business and so on—and give them a reason to click your ad instead.

Find out which Ads Work Best
Make sure you use ad testing, also known as A/B testing, to test multiple ads. When you create more than one ad in an ad group, our system will automatically display the higher performing ads more frequently in search results. With different ad copy, you can see which ads attract the most customers.

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