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Manage Affiliate Links - An Affiliate Must Have!

Manage Affiliate Links boasts its software redirects dead, expired, or broken links to the url of your choice… and it does!!! This software is amazing and has already saved me so much money. You would be surprised how many times a week I had offers expire and had no idea. I ran a test on a campaign that I knew was expiring early and wanted to see how much I would of lost until I was notified by my affiliate network. (Results below)

Ok, check it out for yourself. I set up a quick demo to show you how it works. I am currently running the software on my site and created a link that is no longer working. I also put a sample link showing how normal link redirecting (cloaking) scripts don’t cut it anymore. I needed something better.

Normal Link Redirect Software:

Manage Affiliate Links Redirect Software:

Original Link:…..(affiliate code)

Redirect Link:

As you can see, instead of having it display “The link is not currently active.” error message from sharealsale the visitor is taken to another url that I choose. I have it setup for I found this most useful for my diet websites where I have so many diet offers that come and go and all of them are about the same. I have it setup to redirect to another diet offer that is very similar. Converting 15% more!

Visit Manage Affiliate Links Now!

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