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ShrinkTheWeb Ajax Thumbnail Generator

ShrinkTheWeb Ajax Thumbnail Generator

Not often do we get to show software tutorials. Well, we have treat today with a very simple ShrinkTheWeb ajax thumbnail generator. ShrinkTheWeb is a popular thumbnail generator service that allows users to generate a thumbnail of any website in various sizes. There has been a few code examples available but nothing done with ajax or doesn’t require a page refresh.

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Below is a snapshot of the code used. It is stripped down to the basic function (No CSS or styling).

ShrinkTheWeb Ajax Thumbnail Generator Code Used

Use this code to quickly and easily generate thumbnails using ShrinkTheWeb’s API. Just simply replace a view variables in the code and you are all set to go. Make sure you create an account at ShrinkTheWeb to get your Access Key ID. You will need this in order for the script to work.

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Facebook Spamming Revealed - Lead-Gen Scams Hit the Big Time

Facebook Spamming Revealed - Lead-Gen Scams Hit the Big Time

This week lead-gen and continuity scheme scams hit the big time with influential blogs TechCrunch and Silicon Alley Insider running major posts on the subject, and Facebook, MySpace, Offerpal and Zynga scrambling to put a good face on it all. And then Dennis Yu confessed to a shady past which upset certain high-earning affiliates no end.

How to Spam Facebook Like a Pro

The TechCrunch article created something of a firestorm (sample comment: “In a nutshell, the offers that monetize the best are the ones that scam/trick users.”) which was fanned the next day by one of our favorite affiliate marketing bloggers, Dennis Yu of Blitz-Local. He guest posted a piece on TechCrunch called “How To Spam Facebook Like A Pro: An Insider’s Confession” in which he talked about publishers accessing personal user data and showing it on landing pages, cloaking pages so that Facebook employees couldn’t see them and being threatened with violence by the CEO of a top 25 ad network. Key graf:

There was no way that Facebook—and definitely not the Federal Trade Commission—could keep up with the “innovation” happening. Witness the virtual currency scam, where users complete the offers mentioned above to earn points in a game. It doesn’t take a genius to know that the quality of such leads is garbage—these users are filling out forms just to get the points.

Dennis admits he posted on TechCrunch to hustle for business, and he was inviting a negative reception from certain sections of the affiliate marketing community. Another of our blog-faves, Barman, made his feelings known with enthusiasm at

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Another Free Rich Dad Poor Dad Seminar

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Turn Spam into Cash

Turn Spam into Cash

Are you sick and tired of getting your websites spammed? Now you can finally cash in on all those spammers. This process is easy and the results can be rewarding.

*This method is in the gray zone and is not for everyone.

How this all happened

I had a forum running on a site of mine and for months it was getting so much spam that one day I decided to check the stats and was shocked to see how much traffic it was getting. I was receiving a lot of back links from other spammed blogs, sites, and forums. After thinking for awhile about restarting the forum and deleting everything I decided to just capitalize on all the traffic.

How it Works?

After awhile your site gets marked by spammers as an easy target, thus more spammers target you and try to spam your websites. Over time your forum/website/blog is so full of spam it useless and hard to recover. Not anymore, all you have to do is create a simple two page website that has an article that relates to your domain and the rest filled with ads. Then just sit back and watch all the spam traffic turn into profit!

Here is a screen shot of my adsense account for one day. (Below)

AdSense Reports Spam to Cash

Do the math: $13 x 365 (Days in a Year) = $4,745 Year

A few tips before we start:

- Make sure you already have a website getting spammed heavily. This works best if you have a forum that you “left” and haven’t taken care of and is full of spam posts.

- An account with Adsense, Adbrite, or any other PPC network.

- About 30 minutes to create another quick site full of PPC ads.

What to do

Create a new site with two pages. The two pages are simple to make. First create a homepage for your website, then create a “404 page not found” and make sure you fill it with ads. I suggest using Wordpress and creating a blog and filling it with articles. That way you can easily configure your “404 Page not found”.

NOTE: Make sure you configure your server 404 page to point to your 404 page you created or you will be missing out on a lot of money.

Free Rich Dad Poor Dad Seminar

Free Rich Dad Poor Dad Seminar

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Affiliate Payouts Decrease as Economy Slumps

Affiliate Payouts Decrease as Economy Slumps
If you have not already noticed that most affiliate programs have had a payout decrease over the last couple months. Some affiliate programs have really dropped their payouts as much as 75%. This affect is a huge blow to most affiliates running campaigns. One of the big problems is for those who run search engine campaigns, as this drastically reduces the profit per click.

A few tips that might help out would be:
- Talk to your affiliate manager about getting a payout increase
- Run comparable offers
- Try new ways to promote your offer that cost free
- Talk to your affiliate manager or the company about creating a special promotion

On the other hand, some newer affiliate programs have come out with very nice payouts while other affiliate programs have increased affiliate payout to try to boost sales. I have seen a few affiliate programs offer bonuses, contests, and special prizes.

RingCentral - Free Trial + $10 Off

We just got the opportunity to try out RingCentral and we love it. This company allows you to have Toll Free Numbers For Your Business Loaded with time and money saving features .

RingCentral - Free Trial + $10 Off

RingCentral Features Include:

  • 800 and 8** Numbers
  • Dial-by-Name Directory
  • Local Numbers
  • Real Time Call Control
  • Voicemail
  • Click-to-Call from the Web
  • Fax Send and Receive
  • Call logs
  • Call Forwarding
  • Music On Hold
  • Virtual PBX
  • Outlook Integration
  • Answering Rules
  • and much more

RingCentral Online is a Web-based telephone and fax service for professionals and small businesses. It provides a toll free or local phone number and advanced features not found in traditional phone systems.

Right now they have some special offers available listed below. So take advantage and try RingCentral now.

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2Checkout Review

2Checkout Review

I have been using for over three years now on a small website that sells car alarms. This was one of my first online business I started up years ago. After awhile I wanted to offer my visitors something else besides Paypal. After hours of research I decided to go with 2Checkout because it was the only company that didn’t have monthly fees and only charged a one time setup fee of $50. Even though the transaction price of 5.5% + $.25 was higher than other companies, I didn’t have to pay a high monthly fee of $20 or so. This was perfect for me because I didn’t have a high sales volume and was beginning to move away from the company and branch on to advertising.

There are a lot of great things about It is very easy to use and setup and doesn’t require a lot of knowledge of web programming. It has a lot of built in features that will help you make your checkout process easier. One of my favorite things about 2Checkout is that almost all ecommerce software supports

Click Here to learn more about

Sell with Domain Service Buy or Sell Online Without the Fear of Fraud

If you are new to selling websites online, I recommend a third party service such as to handle payment. and its operating subsidiaries provide online escrow services that facilitate and accelerate e-commerce by assuring secure settlement.

They have a service for buying and selling domains online. Domain Name Escrow Service protects your money and your domain.

Since the Buyer pays and not the Seller, can withhold payment until it’s satisfied the domain name has been transferred by the Seller. One of the ways does this is by checking the WHOIS database of the appropriate Registrar* to make certain it properly reflects the new Buyer’s name as the domain name Registrant. Once this has been verified, releases payment to the Seller.

Benefits for Buyers

  • Peace of mind, Security, and Convenience
  • Assured Domain name transfer prior to paying Seller
  • Ability to confirm domain ownership directly with the registrar before the seller is paid.
  • Ability to pay by wire transfer and in some cases PayPal, check, money order, or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) Restrictions apply
  • Ability to send credit card information to a financial institution, not a stranger
  • Easy access to live customer support by phone or email

Benefits for Sellers

  • Peace of mind, Security, and Convenience
  • Payment verification prior to Domain name transfer
  • Guaranteed payment once transfer specifications are met
  • Protection against credit card fraud, insufficient funds or credit card chargebacks
  • Ability to accept credit cards and PayPal if otherwise not able to. Restrictions apply
  • Escrow fees that may be lower than merchant credit card processing fees
  • Easy access to live customer support by phone or email

You however have to be careful. There is always risk in selling your website online and getting paid for it. You can always opt for Paypal. This is a great alternative but just watch the fees. If you sell your site for a lot of money, the Paypal fees will really eat up your profit.

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