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PepperJam Network Dying? - Merchants moving to Linkshare

PepperJam Network Dying? - Merchants moving to Linkshare

Today I have received numerous emails form merchants on the Pepperjam network informing me that they are moving over to Linkshare.

Heres a copy of the email:

As you know STORE NAME will no longer be on the PepperJam Network as of November 2nd and moving exclusively to the LinkShare Network. If you have not switched your links yet, please make sure that you completely switch your links to LinkShare. If you do not switch your links as of November 2nd you will lose tracking and commissions for any referred sales.

I wanted to send you a personal note to let you know that we value your partnership and wanted to make sure that you switch out your links in time. If you do not have a LinkShare account, please make sure to join their affiliate network today for free!

Update your links today! STORE NAME and LinkShare are committed to making your transition as smooth as possible. If you encounter any difficulties or have questions regarding your LinkShare account, please contact LinkShare via this form:


Michael Ebert

Director of Affiliate Marketing

eFashion Solutions


This may come to surprise to a lot of affiliates but upon reading Pepperjams Blog I discovered that PepperJam has been acquired by GSI Commerce. You can read about it here

If you are an affiliate of Pepperjam I advise you to check your links that are running and make sure you update your links in order to get commission.

Like most affiliates, I am not looking forward to this change. I am not a fan of Linkshares tracking system because of poor performance and low conversions. When running the same campaign and landing page with different networks I have better conversion results. But that is a different topic for another day.

Affiliate Payouts Decrease as Economy Slumps

Affiliate Payouts Decrease as Economy Slumps
If you have not already noticed that most affiliate programs have had a payout decrease over the last couple months. Some affiliate programs have really dropped their payouts as much as 75%. This affect is a huge blow to most affiliates running campaigns. One of the big problems is for those who run search engine campaigns, as this drastically reduces the profit per click.

A few tips that might help out would be:
- Talk to your affiliate manager about getting a payout increase
- Run comparable offers
- Try new ways to promote your offer that cost free
- Talk to your affiliate manager or the company about creating a special promotion

On the other hand, some newer affiliate programs have come out with very nice payouts while other affiliate programs have increased affiliate payout to try to boost sales. I have seen a few affiliate programs offer bonuses, contests, and special prizes.

Paying to Join an Affiliate Program

Paying to Join an Affiliate Program
One big mistake new affiliate marketers make is paying to join an affiliate program. This is commonly know as a pyramid scheme or a scam. It is usually very enticing and promises to make you rich. The fact is that the only person getting rich is the guy who came up with the scheme.

Take for example Dan, he approached me about three months ago and wanted to learn about affiliate marketing. I gave him lots of advice and resources (free) to learn more. He said he had just gotten back from doing a seminar with Mr. $$$ and that I should check it out to. he gave me the information and I told him I would check it out. The next day Dan calls me back and says he would like to have a conference call with him, me, and Mr. $$$. At first I really didn’t want to do it, but I wanted to support Dan as much as I could. So two hours later I am on a conference call with all three of us and we get talking about Mr. $$$ product and how it is going to “Revolutionize the Industry” and the rest of his sales pitch. Then came the time for me to ask questions. I didn’t care to much on what he was selling, but the way he was selling it. He wanted me to pay him $250 to join an elite network of sales people to sell his product. BIG RED FLAG New affiliates take notice, no network, affiliate program, or any company wanting you to sell their stuff should ever charge you any fee. Not even for a membership or “exclusive” deals. I kept asking him about this and he tried to explain it but I kept reminding him that no company I have every represented or worked for charged me to join them. To make a long story short, he finally gave up and said “I was missing out”.

The point of the story is that you have to be very careful on what you promote and who you work with. They can be very convincing. You NEVER pay to join a network or affiliate program! If you do, it is more likely a scam or some sort of pyramid scheme. Stay far away.

Google Affiliate Network payments now through Google AdSense

Just a little FYI for those running campaigns with Google Affiliate Network:

Google Affiliate Network publisher payments will soon be made through Google AdSense accounts. AdSense will offer you a wider range of payment options, improved ways to manage payment information, and consolidated payments from Google (if you’re working with other Google products).

You must link to an approved AdSense account in order to receive payments for earnings. Starting on August 13, 2009, if you’re the primary user of your publisher account, you’ll see an account notification asking you to create a Google AdSense account or link to an existing Google AdSense account. (If you aren’t the primary user, you won’t see the account notification.)

You must link your accounts before midnight (Eastern Standard Time) on September 21st, 2009 to receive payments through Google AdSense for July and August 2009 earnings (depending on relevant advertiser payment terms). Please create or link an AdSense account as soon as possible to avoid delays in your Google Affiliate Network payments.

Earnings prior to July 2009 will be made through the existing Google Affiliate Network payment system.

In-House Affiliate Program or Network?

If you have a website selling a niche product and you are thinking about expanding and starting an affiliate program you have two choice; create your own in-house affiliate program or join a network. It’s a tough decision to choose between. I recommend to do both if possible.

Benefits of Joining a Network

There are lots of reasons to join a network and the biggest reason is exposure. You will instantly be exposed to thousands of affiliates looking to promote offers. If your product is popular or has a good conversion ratio then more affiliates will run your offer. If your offer is mediocre or doesn’t convert well then you will have a harder time finding affiliates to run your offer.

Another advantage of working with a network is that you hopefully can have a “Super Affiliate” run your offer. A super affiliate is what every network dreams of, an affiliate that has a high level of traffic and brings in a lot of conversions. Most super affiliates stick with one or so networks because the networks take good care of them. Having a super affiliate run your offer means you will see a lot of traffic.

Most importantly, a large benefit of joining a network is having someone else manage it for you. This leaves you more time to manage your site and focus on sales.

Disadvantages of Joining a Network

Joining a network means fees, it will cost you more money to join an affiliate network. Besides paying your setup fee which can sometimes be upwards of $5,000 you could be paying 25% more CPA. For example, the networks service fee is 25% and based on the commission amount paid to the Affiliate. So if the Affiliate is paid $10 commission, the network will receive $2.50. The total cost to you is $12.50.

Another disadvantage of joining a network is that some, not all, CPA networks push lots of spam. CPA networks gets their money through the performance of their affiliates so I know quite a few are pushing affiliates to make a sale/lead/etc without much ethical concern. This could come back to hurt your product and your reputation.

Depending on your product you might be better suited to join one of the larger networks or stick with CPM or Adsense style advertising. It would be better not to judge CPA networks as a whole, but research some individual networks, and see who comes out clean.

Benefits of an In-House Affiliate Program

Using your own in-house affiliate program allows you to customize it to suite your website. Having your affiliate program branded with your website logo and having the design and layout match your website will make it look more professional.

You will also be able to offer your affiliates more ways of promoting your product, like off line advertising, special discount codes tailored to certain affiliates.

One of the biggest reason to have an in-house affiliate program is search engine ranking. By having an in-house affiliate program every affiliate link generated is with your websites url. When your affiliate links to your website this creates a back link which will help your Google page rank and search engine ranking.


Network Link:

In-House Affiliate Program:

Also, with in-house affiliate programs you have the option of link structure for affiliate links. Here is an example of the top three link structures you might be able to use. This varies depending on which affiliate software you use or if you create your own.


With in-house affiliate programs you have 100% control over your affiliate program. You can review each affiliates contact information and check it for fraud or contact them individually and offer them special incentives for promoting your product.

Disadvantages of an In-House Affiliate Program

The biggest disadvantage is time spent on managing your in-house affiliate program. It takes a long time to setup your affiliate program. You will need to have a powerful server to handle all the traffic as well as create your own banners and advertisements.

Another big downfall of in-house affiliate programs is that you are limited in exposure to affiliates. If your affiliate has never heard of your product then they are not going to find the sign-up page to promote it.

What To Do

If you are going to go with a network to promote your products I suggest you visit our list of affiliate networks to find an affiliate network that is suitable for your needs.

Affiliate Network Software

JROX Affiliate Software

DirectTrack (Most Expensive)

If you are looking to buy software we encourage you to contact us we would be happy to help you select the affiliate software suitable for your needs.

How to Get Accepted by Affiliate Networks

How to Get Accepted by Affiliate Networks

Getting accepted to CPA Affiliate Networks should not be a difficult task, but for newbies or someone starting out this can be hard if you don’t know how or what you need to do to get accepted. A lot of people send me messages for tips or “how to’s” for getting accepted by affiliate networks. Before I began I want to give you the number one tip…BE HONEST!

What you’ll need

  1. Name
  2. Email
  3. Other contact details (Daytime & Evening Phone)
  4. Current Address
  5. Business Name
  6. Payment details (Paypal or DD)
  7. Tax Information / SS (Unless outside USA)
  8. Website details including UB’s & niche
  9. How you intend to send traffic (i.e. Email, PPC or SEO)
  10. If Email you may be asked for the IP address of your mail server
  11. Other affiliate networks you’re working with


You’ll be asked to provide the domain that you’re using to carry out any activities. Make sure the domain is active & isn’t a holding page. Also make sure that this is a reputable domain that has potential to provide leads/sales to the network.

Avoid putting or anything similar as your domain because this probably won’t get accepted (depending on the Network, most are fine with PPC only affiliates as long as you specify). If you’re just doing SEM I wouldn’t bother putting any website down.

I submit a few domains as most of the networks like to see I can run various offers. This also gives you a better chance of approval. For example, say they only allow Health related websites and you submitted three different websites; sports, diets, ebooks. Well if the network only approves health related websites then they might no approve you for the sports and ebooks website but will approve you for the diet related website. If you have 10 websites or more, there is no need to list them all unless needed. Maybe list your top three. Later on once approved by the affiliate network you can discuss your other sites with your affiliate manager and they will help find you offers to promote.

Email Address

This is a vital part of the equation. It’s best to provide an email address that corresponds with the domain name you’ve submitted above, this helps to cement the fact that you’re legitimate with the network you’re applying to. Try to avoid free email accounts like hotmail, gmail or yahoo.

I have a lot of websites and keeping up with my emails from all my accounts is tough, so I forward all my emails to one account hosted from Google’s Gmail. I recommend gmail because of its vast amount of tools and easy interface. UPDATE: Google’s Gmail now allows you to send/reply emails from another email address. Learn more here.


Quite a large number of networks will now ask you to verify that you either own the website or ask you to call up & have a chat with them. This is a good opportunity to start up a conversation with an AM before you get accepted. This may give you some insights into how knowledgeable they are.

What not to do when accepted

  1. Don’t lie about the website that you own
  2. Don’t start trying to get a better payout on offers right away, wait until you start pushing volume
  3. Don’t hassle the hell out of your AM, use them wisely
  4. Avoid brand bidding, you’ll get booted fairly quickly for this
  5. Be careful with incentivized traffic, some offers allow it but most don’t

How you should use your AM

Account Managers are a wealth of information at some Networks, the bottom line is that the better you do, the more money they make.

  • Ask the right questions, don’t bust balls
  • Which offers are converting well currently?
  • Which landing pages are kicking ass? (most won’t tell you this but it doesn’t hurt to ask)

This should be all you need to really start rolling. After you apply you should get a response by email and hopefully someone will call within a day or two. If not, give them a call! This is really important - it shows that you are are keen on working with them, not just applying to anyone that’s out there. Take a look at my recommended best networks if you are looking for somewhere to start. They all have a good range of offers.

HighProfits Affiliate Program - $20 free Sign up Bonus

Make money online with affiliate program

Click here to join HighProfits affiliate program and get $20 free

It is easy to see why is so popular. Even as a relatively new affiliate network they have got a lot going on them. And we have to admit we were impressed by what we found when we explored their website.

In one location affiliates can find everything they need to make online marketing into a lucrative asset: 30-70% commissions, versatile products, limitless resources and e-marketing tools, and access to NAT software.

Yet the most impressive part about HighProfits is that these above features form only a segment of all the numerous incentives they have got on offer. There is much more to HighProfits than meets the eye.

The first thing to catch our attention was the easy navigatability of their report system. Incorporating the latest in NAT software, affiliates can keep track of all their successes by witnessing which of their campaigns produced the most referrals.

But this unbelievably was not the best part. The way they went about presenting this information was also equally absorbing.

Instead of sitting in front of endless streams of data, affiliates can directly interact with these statistics to see where their weaknesses lie, and how they can improve upon their affiliate website.

Their choice of activity charts, interactive graphs, detailed comparisons, data based trends and animated maps, really helped to put these statistics into perspective, whilst making the whole process fun, fun, fun.

It was almost addictive to watch all these figures form into credible figures that even the most novice of affiliates could understand. There is no misrepresentation of what you have achieved. It was clear, concise and extremely motivating.

By getting down to nitty gritty of your affiliate website it was possible to see where things could be amended.

Plus their incorporation of data feeds also proved to be incredibly beneficial in regards to forming our decisions. 100% live and readily available to view whenever you needed, these live statistics made making the decision to alter a website even easier because you could literally see how well your referrals were doing.

HighProfits commissions and referral systems were pretty impressive too. Averaging at 30-70% per product, HighProfits have managed to go one better than this initial deal breaker by offering affiliates additional monthly bonuses through their 2nd tier referral program.

All affiliates need to do to boost their commissions - for life - is refer a webmaster to HighProfits and once they do they will receive an instant $2 commission plus 10% of whatever their referrals lifetime earnings.

Now whilst their initial $2 bonus is not a lot, we found that when we delved further into this scheme the mounting bonuses were simply irresistible. It was impossible to ignore the potential earnings you could acquire simply by recommending a webmaster to HighProfits.

For a referral of just 10 webmasters who then themselves earn $100 a month, affiliates can potentially earn $1,220 extra a year. $1,220 for doing absolutely nothing!

And considering that some of their affiliates are already making $10,000 a month, the bonuses you could acquire through this scheme is substantial.

But one of the best features about has to be their community.
Long gone are the days where affiliates have to fend for themselves. Instead affiliates can become a part of an intimate social network that is committed to enhancing their online marketing strategies.

And it is a community you definitely want to become a part of.

Here affiliates, new and experienced, can trade up on tips, advice and knowledge whilst receiving at the same time the latest in marketing trends from a team of affiliate experts.

Just witnessing the constant communication between affiliates as they worked together to help each other was incredibly inspiring.

This alone was enough to get us filling out our details on their sign-up page and waiting for our first message. It is a network you would be proud to become a part of.

Plus when you take the time to step back from this and look at what they have achieved here, it is hard to believe that HighProfits is still a relatively new affiliate network.

Already they have established themselves as a reputable affiliate network with a large affiliate following

Admittedly their merchant area is something that will need expanding upon in the future, but beyond their youthful exterior HighProfits is brimming with opportunities that are just too good to miss.

Their payment scheme for example is particularly appetising bringing with it the reassurance and the incentive to you keep motivated towards driving more your traffic towards your merchant’s website.

Issued twice a month, and sent by cheque, HighProfits payment scheme surpasses even the best of professions ensuring your payments are prompt, consistent and always on time.

And if it is delayed. No worries. Their affiliate support team are prompt to respond, meaning you will never be waiting long to cash in on all your sales, and using your profits to take your website to the next level.

Overall, HighProfits is an extremely impressive affiliate network that other programs should keep a keen eye on. Give them the time to acquire more merchants, and all HighProfits have achieved so far will not be a patch on what they have the potential to become.

Click here to join HighProfits affiliate program and get $20 free

Click here to join HighProfits affiliate program and get $20 free

200 Word Press Release

MoreNiche 200 Word Press Release

MoreNiche are giving away a brand new laptop, five IPod shuffles and Google Adwords Spend in there grand golden ticket draw, to enter simply join MoreNiche today.

Golden tickets will be given for each sale generated during January and each affiliate you refer to the network. Every affiliate who joins the network will automatically receive their first golden ticket.

Testimonial:Affiliate support team at MoreNiche is unmatched! I have NEVER had a problem with payment. A great affiliate program, MoreNiche can make anyone a success.” Michael Chang – MoreNiche Super Affiliate

MoreNiche pride themselves in giving premium affiliate support, more resources than any other affiliate program online and product that sell! If you signup today MoreNiche will give you $45 just for signing up, along with your first free golden ticket.

Testimonial: “Besides solid affiliate support and a superb team, MoreNiche is among the few companies that have an excellent set of products! MoreNiche makes leaving your day job easy. Look no further…”Preshant - Top 10 MoreNiche Affiliate

Join an affiliate program where you’re not just a number, where you get $45 simply for joining and where you’re best interests are our number one priority, Join MoreNiche Today to enter!

CPA Network Myths

Before I give my list of CPA network myths, let me just say that CPA networks are indeed not for all affiliates. If you run content loaded websites, you might find little success with CPA and would be better suited to stick with CPM or Adsense style advertising. (Message boards, blogs, articles). If your website is specifically geared to send surfers to the sponsor (loyalty programs, free stuff websites, etc), CPA is probably best for you. If you run a website which pushes a catalog of products from a variety of sponsors, going with an Affiliate Network is probably your best bet. From 9 years of experience in this business, I can say that usually these affiliate types don’t mesh well. An affiliate doing well on CPA won’t touch shopping cart affiliate programs, and those who see fantastic results with product-catalog type merchants balk at how horrible CPA networks are. You can ask if CPA in general is bad on boards like ABW, but you’ll usually only see one side of the affiliate coin… from people who honestly have little experience dealing with CPA networks… and repeat what they’ve heard and not what they know. Your best bet is to match your sponsorship to the type of website you run.

MYTH: CPA networks are just middle men and you should just work through an affiliate program instead.

TRUTH: Most affiliate programs are run though a network, be it LinkShare, CJ, or elsewhere. These networks charge the advertiser fees, 30% in the case of CJ. Most CPA networks make deals with these merchants outside of their affiliate network, outside CJ if you will, and avoid these 30% fees. The CPA network will keep a margin too, but it’s usually significantly lower than 30%. This is part of the reason why CPA networks can give you a higher payout than doing “direct” through the affiliate network. You can in theory go outside of the affiliate network and work direct yourself, be like a CPA network, but most affiliates don’t command the volume needed for direct deals.

MYTH: CPA networks only deal with spammers

TRUTH: Like it or not, email marketing is a legit business. The gov’t passed the CanSpam law a couple years ago which defined how affiliates could use email marketing, set rules in place to follow, and if the marketer follows these rules, he’s not a spammer. Most CPA networks do not tolerate real spam. Beyond whether it’s right or wrong, doing business with spammers will get your ISP shut down, risk litigation, and cause all kinds of nightmares. True spam, the Viagra and porn stuff, don’t follow any of the CanSpam rules and you’ll notice don’t run through CPA networks. There are of course exceptions to the rules, some networks are more gray area than others, but they are the exception. So how did CPA networks get this bad reputation? Most CPA network, ourselves included, are run by companies that started out in email marketing. Like anything, there are exceptions, like networks with bad histories in email, but most were/are legit email marketing companies. Unfortunately some unlearned affiliates label all commercial email as spam.

MYTH: CPA network are just a front for adware.

TRUTH: Adware is problem for everyone, be it a CPA network or an affiliate network. There is as much adware in big affiliate networks as elsewhere. The sad honest truth is that these adware companies are so big now, command so much traffic, most strike direct deals with the end merchants and don’t use any networks at all, be it CPA network or otherwise. Again, there are exceptions, but most affiliates in CPA networks are just normal publishers earning via their website/newsletter/search engine marketing, small businessmen just trying to run a legit business.

MYTH: The merchant would rather you join his affiliate program.

TRUTH: While this is sometimes true, it’s not always the case. MANY merchants run an affiliate program as an afterthought and would rather not deal with individual publishers. They start their program on a big network like CJ simply to access CJ’s large pool of existing affiliates, not out of a want to run an affiliate program, and have no interest in dealing with individual affiliates. They set their program on auto-approve, and do nothing other than let traffic roll in. It’s far easier to manage working with 5 CPA networks who have a total of 10,000 affiliates than working with those 10,000 affiliates direct in an affiliate program. In many cases, it’s no work at all for the merchant to run with a CPA network. They just give the network a landing URL and watch traffic come in. At the end of the day, most merchants just want as much traffic as possible, be it from their affiliate program or a CPA network… or most usually a combination of both.

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