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ionCube PHP Encoder

ionCube PHP Encoder

When it comes to php security and encoding ionCube PHP Encoder stands apart from the rest as the most reliable and best PHP encoder on the market today. ionCube PHP Encoder is the only php encoder that has not been hacked or cracked allowing your important data to be spread all over the web.

ionCube PHP Encoder offers many pricing options, even a pay-per-file option for the low budget person.

About ionCube PHP Encoder

The ionCube PHP Encoder makes it easy to protect your PHP 4 & 5 source code and other files from easy observation, theft and change. With optional PHP licensing features built in as well, licensing PHP scripts to control where your code runs is easy too, and you can even give your files a time expiry!

Available in three versions, Basic, Pro and Cerberus, all versions offer bytecode PHP encoding plus optional encryption of non-PHP files. Pro and Cerberus also include the optional PHP licensing features for time expiry and restricting where code can be used, allowing licensing models to be effectively and easily implemented.

The PHP Encoder is available for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and Intel OS X. All versions offer command line access for encoding and creating license files (Pro and Cerberus), which is ideal if you wish to automate processing. The Windows Encoder also includes an easy to use GUI, and the Windows Pro and Cerberus version includes a Linux based license generator for PHP scripts for FREE, which is great if you wish to encode on Windows and create license files from a Linux based web server for example.

Encoded files run on a wide range of operating systems such as Linux, Windows, FreeBSD and more.

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ShrinkTheWeb Ajax Thumbnail Generator

ShrinkTheWeb Ajax Thumbnail Generator

Not often do we get to show software tutorials. Well, we have treat today with a very simple ShrinkTheWeb ajax thumbnail generator. ShrinkTheWeb is a popular thumbnail generator service that allows users to generate a thumbnail of any website in various sizes. There has been a few code examples available but nothing done with ajax or doesn’t require a page refresh.

View Live Demo

Download Source Code (1.2 KB)

Below is a snapshot of the code used. It is stripped down to the basic function (No CSS or styling).

ShrinkTheWeb Ajax Thumbnail Generator Code Used

Use this code to quickly and easily generate thumbnails using ShrinkTheWeb’s API. Just simply replace a view variables in the code and you are all set to go. Make sure you create an account at ShrinkTheWeb to get your Access Key ID. You will need this in order for the script to work.

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Facebook Spamming Revealed - Lead-Gen Scams Hit the Big Time

Facebook Spamming Revealed - Lead-Gen Scams Hit the Big Time

This week lead-gen and continuity scheme scams hit the big time with influential blogs TechCrunch and Silicon Alley Insider running major posts on the subject, and Facebook, MySpace, Offerpal and Zynga scrambling to put a good face on it all. And then Dennis Yu confessed to a shady past which upset certain high-earning affiliates no end.

How to Spam Facebook Like a Pro

The TechCrunch article created something of a firestorm (sample comment: “In a nutshell, the offers that monetize the best are the ones that scam/trick users.”) which was fanned the next day by one of our favorite affiliate marketing bloggers, Dennis Yu of Blitz-Local. He guest posted a piece on TechCrunch called “How To Spam Facebook Like A Pro: An Insider’s Confession” in which he talked about publishers accessing personal user data and showing it on landing pages, cloaking pages so that Facebook employees couldn’t see them and being threatened with violence by the CEO of a top 25 ad network. Key graf:

There was no way that Facebook—and definitely not the Federal Trade Commission—could keep up with the “innovation” happening. Witness the virtual currency scam, where users complete the offers mentioned above to earn points in a game. It doesn’t take a genius to know that the quality of such leads is garbage—these users are filling out forms just to get the points.

Dennis admits he posted on TechCrunch to hustle for business, and he was inviting a negative reception from certain sections of the affiliate marketing community. Another of our blog-faves, Barman, made his feelings known with enthusiasm at

SPBAS Release v1.2.0 Now Available + 25% Discount Promotion

SPBAS Release v1.2.0 Now Available + 25% Discount Promotion

New and existing customers alike, please check out this release. You will be glad you did.

Continuing our march towards the most complete business automation software for SMB’s in the licensing and digital goods market, we’re pleased to announce the release of SPBAS v1.2. This is the culmination of over two months work, and we hope that you will all enjoy and appreciate the changes.

Two of the main highlights for this release are the beginning of our tax support and also a fully featured promotions module. We feel our promotions module is particularly impressive, giving you numerous options to create varied and exciting promotions (coupons) for your users. As well as fixed value discounts in multiple currencies, along with the ability to define “percentage off” promotions, the promotions module used in conjunction with our pricing sheet system allows you fine grained control over the price of individual products - you really do need to try this feature out yourself to see its power and flexibility.
Along with the new features, we’ve also had some very useful feedback on the SPBAS User Interface, and so v1.2 includes an updated navigation structure along with a new skin. Along with this, we’ve also started to make available lots of information and summaries at your fingertips, with the new per-module dashboards to help you understand and see what is going on with your business. We hope you find these changes improve your SPBAS experience.

SPBAS Promotion - 25% off with coupon code NewRelease

To celebrate the new v1.2 release and promotions feature, we felt this would be a great time to run our own promotion on SPBAS licenses. All SPBAS licenses (SPBAS 1000, SPBAS 2500 & SPBAS 5000) will be discounted by 25% from now until Monday 16 November 2009. To take advantage of the promotion, enter coupon ‘NewRelease‘ during checkout - this makes the cheapest SPBAS license only $149!

A fully supported product with great features including Paypal support; Google checkout; multi-currency support; a complete licensing, invoicing and product management system; along with new features like our knowledgebase, CMS, and promotions system; makes SPBAS the ideal solution.

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