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Another Free Rich Dad Poor Dad Seminar

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Turn Spam into Cash

Turn Spam into Cash

Are you sick and tired of getting your websites spammed? Now you can finally cash in on all those spammers. This process is easy and the results can be rewarding.

*This method is in the gray zone and is not for everyone.

How this all happened

I had a forum running on a site of mine and for months it was getting so much spam that one day I decided to check the stats and was shocked to see how much traffic it was getting. I was receiving a lot of back links from other spammed blogs, sites, and forums. After thinking for awhile about restarting the forum and deleting everything I decided to just capitalize on all the traffic.

How it Works?

After awhile your site gets marked by spammers as an easy target, thus more spammers target you and try to spam your websites. Over time your forum/website/blog is so full of spam it useless and hard to recover. Not anymore, all you have to do is create a simple two page website that has an article that relates to your domain and the rest filled with ads. Then just sit back and watch all the spam traffic turn into profit!

Here is a screen shot of my adsense account for one day. (Below)

AdSense Reports Spam to Cash

Do the math: $13 x 365 (Days in a Year) = $4,745 Year

A few tips before we start:

- Make sure you already have a website getting spammed heavily. This works best if you have a forum that you “left” and haven’t taken care of and is full of spam posts.

- An account with Adsense, Adbrite, or any other PPC network.

- About 30 minutes to create another quick site full of PPC ads.

What to do

Create a new site with two pages. The two pages are simple to make. First create a homepage for your website, then create a “404 page not found” and make sure you fill it with ads. I suggest using Wordpress and creating a blog and filling it with articles. That way you can easily configure your “404 Page not found”.

NOTE: Make sure you configure your server 404 page to point to your 404 page you created or you will be missing out on a lot of money.

Free Rich Dad Poor Dad Seminar

Free Rich Dad Poor Dad Seminar

Register to Attend a Free Rich Dad Poor Dad Seminar in Miami/ Ft Lauderdale, FL!

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Learn to be Rich is a series of 2-hour Free Workshops that put the lessons of Rich Dad Poor Dad into action… channel your desire for wealth into actual money-making investment opportunities… help you take that final step from saying “I can” to saying “I am”… give you the courage to succeed… and the know-how to achieve it!

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How New Affiliates Waste Money

How New Affiliates Waste Money
It is hard for new affiliates to get a proper start in affiliate marketing without being bombarded with numerous crap offers. When most new affiliates decide to join the industry they do what every other person does that is starting a new job, they research and try to learn as much as possible. This is where is becomes difficult to separate the crap from truth.

Why New Affiliates Fail

New affiliates fail because they are buying into something existing that worked for someone else. I still get offers for ebooks, software, free seminars, ect. on how I could make $1,000,000 just like Mr. $$$ did. They might even show you pictures of their house, boat, car, or whatever to show you that they are rich because they did this. The problem is that whatever that may be, it probably doesn’t work anymore and if it did, so many people are doing it right now that you are not going to make squat compared to the time and effort you put in.

Another reason affiliates fail is because they get scammed into paying for something that is already free or that they shouldn’t have to pay for. Read my story about Dan who was new to affiliate marketing and almost lost $250 he would have to pay to join an affiliate program. No affiliate program should ever charge you to join their network or to advertise their product.

To learn more about common mistakes new affiliates make, I suggest you read my article Top 10 New Affiliate Mistakes.

You can also search Unmastered Affiliate for more great tips and resources on becoming an affiliate marketer.

Affiliate Payouts Decrease as Economy Slumps

Affiliate Payouts Decrease as Economy Slumps
If you have not already noticed that most affiliate programs have had a payout decrease over the last couple months. Some affiliate programs have really dropped their payouts as much as 75%. This affect is a huge blow to most affiliates running campaigns. One of the big problems is for those who run search engine campaigns, as this drastically reduces the profit per click.

A few tips that might help out would be:
- Talk to your affiliate manager about getting a payout increase
- Run comparable offers
- Try new ways to promote your offer that cost free
- Talk to your affiliate manager or the company about creating a special promotion

On the other hand, some newer affiliate programs have come out with very nice payouts while other affiliate programs have increased affiliate payout to try to boost sales. I have seen a few affiliate programs offer bonuses, contests, and special prizes.

Paying to Join an Affiliate Program

Paying to Join an Affiliate Program
One big mistake new affiliate marketers make is paying to join an affiliate program. This is commonly know as a pyramid scheme or a scam. It is usually very enticing and promises to make you rich. The fact is that the only person getting rich is the guy who came up with the scheme.

Take for example Dan, he approached me about three months ago and wanted to learn about affiliate marketing. I gave him lots of advice and resources (free) to learn more. He said he had just gotten back from doing a seminar with Mr. $$$ and that I should check it out to. he gave me the information and I told him I would check it out. The next day Dan calls me back and says he would like to have a conference call with him, me, and Mr. $$$. At first I really didn’t want to do it, but I wanted to support Dan as much as I could. So two hours later I am on a conference call with all three of us and we get talking about Mr. $$$ product and how it is going to “Revolutionize the Industry” and the rest of his sales pitch. Then came the time for me to ask questions. I didn’t care to much on what he was selling, but the way he was selling it. He wanted me to pay him $250 to join an elite network of sales people to sell his product. BIG RED FLAG New affiliates take notice, no network, affiliate program, or any company wanting you to sell their stuff should ever charge you any fee. Not even for a membership or “exclusive” deals. I kept asking him about this and he tried to explain it but I kept reminding him that no company I have every represented or worked for charged me to join them. To make a long story short, he finally gave up and said “I was missing out”.

The point of the story is that you have to be very careful on what you promote and who you work with. They can be very convincing. You NEVER pay to join a network or affiliate program! If you do, it is more likely a scam or some sort of pyramid scheme. Stay far away.

How to Get a Better Payout

How to Get a Better PayoutNot many new affiliate marketers realize that they could be making more money without doing anymore work. When you are working with numerous affiliate networks you run across the same offers from different networks. What you don’t realize is that you can negotiate a better payout. Most affiliate networks have a base payout which is set for every campaign. The secret to getting a better payout is just plain and simple, ask your affiliate manager. Nine out of ten times they will most likely boost your payout. Remember affiliate managers are there for you.

How to Play Network Payouts Against Each Other

If you have two networks that have the same offer but different payouts then this can be a good thing. For example network A has campaign BOB with a payout of $23/lead while network B has campaign BOB with a payout of $21.50/lead. Now all you have to do is contact your affiliate manager from network B and tell them that network A is paying $23/lead for campaign BOB and you would like them to match or beat that. More than likely they will beat the other offer. So instead of making $23/lead you would be making $25/lead. I even had some go up $5 dollars on a $15/lead campaign!

You could then just play each network against each other back and forth until you get a even better payout. Affiliate networks would rather break even or lose money (if you are super important) on a campaign then have you run the same campaign at another network.

Just a reminder, you most likely will have to show some type of proof that you are getting that payout from the network. May it be an email, screen shot, or some other type of written evidence.

Google Affiliate Network payments now through Google AdSense

Just a little FYI for those running campaigns with Google Affiliate Network:

Google Affiliate Network publisher payments will soon be made through Google AdSense accounts. AdSense will offer you a wider range of payment options, improved ways to manage payment information, and consolidated payments from Google (if you’re working with other Google products).

You must link to an approved AdSense account in order to receive payments for earnings. Starting on August 13, 2009, if you’re the primary user of your publisher account, you’ll see an account notification asking you to create a Google AdSense account or link to an existing Google AdSense account. (If you aren’t the primary user, you won’t see the account notification.)

You must link your accounts before midnight (Eastern Standard Time) on September 21st, 2009 to receive payments through Google AdSense for July and August 2009 earnings (depending on relevant advertiser payment terms). Please create or link an AdSense account as soon as possible to avoid delays in your Google Affiliate Network payments.

Earnings prior to July 2009 will be made through the existing Google Affiliate Network payment system.

RingCentral - Free Trial + $10 Off

We just got the opportunity to try out RingCentral and we love it. This company allows you to have Toll Free Numbers For Your Business Loaded with time and money saving features .

RingCentral - Free Trial + $10 Off

RingCentral Features Include:

  • 800 and 8** Numbers
  • Dial-by-Name Directory
  • Local Numbers
  • Real Time Call Control
  • Voicemail
  • Click-to-Call from the Web
  • Fax Send and Receive
  • Call logs
  • Call Forwarding
  • Music On Hold
  • Virtual PBX
  • Outlook Integration
  • Answering Rules
  • and much more

RingCentral Online is a Web-based telephone and fax service for professionals and small businesses. It provides a toll free or local phone number and advanced features not found in traditional phone systems.

Right now they have some special offers available listed below. So take advantage and try RingCentral now.

- Free Trial Plus $10 Off
- Try RingCentral Fax FREE for 30 days

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Top 10 New Affiliate Mistakes

Top 10 New Affiliate MistakesNew affiliate marketer mistakes are gonna happen. But preparing yourself against them can help you rise to the top and become a successful affiliate marketer. Lets take a look at the top ten new affiliate mistakes.

1.) Using an existing script or someone else’s work

This doesn’t work for one big reason, everyone else is using it too! If you think you bought something that is “unique” then run it through CopyScape. This is a free service that searches for website plagiarism and duplicate content online. Upload your content and run the site url and you will be surprised on how many copies of your “unique” bundle they sold. Read my story on Sue who thought she bought a special site package and the disappointments that I found for her.

2.) Filling site with ads

I see a lot of new websites created by new affiliates filled with adsense, adbrite, and other ads. As this is a good means of additional income for your site, it should not be the main attraction. Making the ads your main attraction takes away from your sites usefulness to the visitor. For example, if I where to visit a site with lots of ads and then see a tiny blob of content I will just leave the site without clicking on the ads. But if the website had a nice informative content and mentioned XX product I would click on the ad to learn more. I would then browse around the site for awhile and see what other information is useful to me. If the site is really good, I would then bookmark it and tell my friends. My rule of thumb is; build the site for the visitor, not for the money.

3.) “Jumping the Gun”

Launching a new site without fully testing it or creating a campaign without researching it can cost you thousands of dollars. It’s easy to waste $5,000 on a search engine ad that yields little results but could have been avoided researching more and finding that if you might have used another keyword could have yielded you the same results but with only $500. I see this happen a lot and have seen new affiliate marketers waste $40,000. Really makes you sick.

4.) Picking the wrong host/domain

Not to many new affiliates realize how important their domain and hosting company is. Having a good domain could mean better natural search rankings, easy for your visitors to remember, and so much more. Even more important is a good host. I highly suggest staying away from free hosting companies. These where good back in the day when hosting was expensive, but now you can find hosting for cheap. I suggest Hostgator for any newbie. They have great 24/7 support and provide you with free templates to use. Having a bad hosting company results in server downtime. This means that your website will return a “404 Page Not Found” error when people try to visit. If you are running any paid traffic, then you are just wasting your money.

5.) No link management system

Now many affiliates might not think this is too important, but when you consider dead links, link thefts, expired links, bad links, ect. then you might consider getting a good affiliate link management software. I suggest Manage Affiliate Links for any affiliate marketer. Not only does it cloak and protect your links from link theft, it will email you when a link is dead, expired, or broken. This is very important if you manage more than one site or don’t check your links often. A down link can costs you thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

6.) Spamming!

This is a big no no and will make a lot of other affiliates upset. I for one, hate getting spam email or messages and neither does the next person. Spamming on message boards, blogs, forums, websites, so on is a good way to get you banned or blacklisted. Try to look at this way, would you like it if I where to dump my trash all over your yard everyday? Spammers are the scum of the affiliate world.

7.) Not putting in the time

Making a million dollars does not happen overnight. It takes time to build a successful online business. Many new affiliates think that if they do this or that they can easily make a lot of money. This is one of the biggest misconception new affiliates have of affiliate advertising. Like any other business, you have to put in the time to reap the benefits.

8.) Copying someone else’s idea

Similar to using someone else’s content and articles is copying someone else’s idea. This is done when you basically clone their site and its concept. For example, eBay is a billion dollar idea and has been doing good because it was the first to bring the concept online. Now, how many eBay clone sites do you see making a large profit? Not many at all. Especially since so many more people create a new auction site everyday.

9.) Bad sales pitch

Once you get the visitor to your website it is time to convert them to a sale. Having a bad sales pitch or landing page is another way to loose thousands. Using Google Analytics Website Optimizer can help you compare different landing pages and help you find which one converts the best. To help create a better sales pitch ask friends and family to review your website before launching any ad campaigns.

10.) No idea of what you are doing

Very similar to jumping the gun is having no idea what you are doing. Yes, you could make some money but if you studied and learned how to build a great website you could be making a lot of money. I still run across top 100 sites that could be making more money just by changing a few things, nothing would be different to the user. A lot of websites have high earning potential but just don’t know it. Research, study, and learn and maybe one day you will be one of the top affiliates “Gurus”.

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