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Google Punishing Diet Affiliate Sites?

Google Punishing Diet Affiliate Sites?

Lately many of my affiliate diet sites having seen a big decrease in conversions and traffic and this is do to Google knocking me down on the search engine listings. I am not sure why Google is punishing affiliate diet sites but I am not the only one, I have heard from a few other affiliates who are having the same problem. Is the diet offer niche over? Hopefully not.

Many offers like Acai Berry, Wu-Yi tea, and other similar diet offers are really taking the hit. It is getting to the point that a bidding war is going on that by the end of the day you profit margin is less than 10%.

Ways to Help Improve Your Rank and Lower Your Cost-Per-Click

Basics on Quality Index and Ad Copy

Your ad quality, which is based in part on how frequently people click on your ads relative to your competitors, matters a lot. High-quality ads can receive higher ranking on the search results page at a possibly lower cost-per-click. On the other hand, poor-quality ads can cost you more and are most likely not attracting customers. So it’s critical to write good ad copy that will help improve the quality of your ad and help you get more clicks.

Monitoring and Maintaining Your Quality Index
In your account, ad quality is represented by your quality index. You will see the quality index shown as one to five bars—the more bars an ad has, the higher its quality. Monitoring your ads’ quality indices, which are displayed on the Ad Group details page, can help you figure out which ads need more work.

Writing Effective Ad Copy
Well-written ads get the attention of your customers and may improve your click-through rate (CTR) and ad quality. Here are some tips for writing great ads:

  • Be clear and precise - Write ads that are clear, concise, honest and, of course, grammatically correct. Don’t over-hype your business.
  • Use your keywords in your ad - Use the Insert Keyword function, available when you create a new ad or edit an existing one, to automatically insert your keyword in your ad. Keywords in your title or description help your customers recognize that your ad matches their search.
  • What’s in it for your customers? - Be specific as to how your service or product can benefit your customer.
  • Include a call-to-action - Words like “Buy Now” in your ad may encourage customers to click. If you have a specific offer, make sure you state it.
  • Set yourself apart - Let people know how you’re different from your competitors—free shipping, a money-back guarantee, many years in business and so on—and give them a reason to click your ad instead.

Find out which Ads Work Best
Make sure you use ad testing, also known as A/B testing, to test multiple ads. When you create more than one ad in an ad group, our system will automatically display the higher performing ads more frequently in search results. With different ad copy, you can see which ads attract the most customers.

Get the inside scoop! Yahoo’s Smart Start Guide for new advertisers can assist you as you manage your search marketing account. The guide also includes tips and best practices to help you spend wisely.

IntelliChat - Sign Up For FREE!

IntelliChat Automated Sales Agent

Imagine This
Your website receives 7,000 visitors a day, and from that figure you generate 100 sales. That means you have 6,900 people leaving your site that day – most of which will never return. However, with a little friendly reassurance from a 24/7 intellichat sales agent you could easily make another 20 sales from the 6,900 who exit without purchasing. That’s an instant 20% increase in sales!

Remember, these leaving visitors arrived at your website for a reason; so if they fail to sign up or make a purchase, it’s usually because they have unanswered questions. Our intelligent agents will offer a personal touch - addressing their concerns and answering their questions in order to save the sale.

Intellichat operates as a sales conversion tool for the ecommerce industry, focusing on increasing sales, conversion ratios, traff retention and customer service by utilizing the newest innovation in chat technology.
The unique intellichat technology is based around an artificial intelligence engine using permutations of regular expression processing, positive and negative keyword recognition and phrase match selection. The result is a seamless, real-time conversation that will help to increase conversions from anywhere between 5-30% almost instantly. Whilst being sales-orientated, intellichat still maintains the ability to act as a useful customer service module.

Visitors Experience
Usually a visitor will arrive at your website, have a quick browse through your pages and if they don’t find what they are looking for they will leave with just one click, and usually never to return again. With intellichat technology integrated on your website, our fully customized agents will intercept these leaving visitors as they attempt to abandon your website and answer their questions in order to save the sale. A very popular addition to this is offering them a special one-time discount or incentive if they stay and complete their order. So through the medium of instant messaging - one of the most popular tools on the internet today - our automated sales agents will attempt to turn your leaving visitors into paying customers! It’s like having a live salesperson on your website 24/7.

So intellichat will not only interact with your leaving visitors to increase your sales,
but will also answer any of their questions to help customer satisfaction. Unlike real agents who can be slow to respond, costly and don’t always answer questions correctly, our intellichat agents will answer exactly how you want them too, without the need for any training or outsourcing.

Key Advantages

  • Convert your leaving visitors into customers 100% pay per performance
  • No monthly fees Improve customer experience
  • Increase sales by 5 – 30%
  • Improve conversion rates
  • Have a sales person on your website 24/7!
  • Provide unmatched customer service

Campaign Management
Here at intellichat we provide a fully managed solution. Everything from writing your custom agent transcripts to continual campaign optimization is handled by us to maximize your conversions and take the hassle away from the webmaster.

Intellichat is fully customizable so you can have your agents and their chat windows appearing and functioning exactly how you want them to. Everything from agent names, to opening messages and chat windows can be created bespoke to your websites needs.
So you can choose from a selection of our chat windows or we can create branded custom windows on request.

Control Panel
Intellichat have developed an intuitive control panel which has a vast array of statistics and features to help with the customization and optimization of your campaigns. One control panel can house multiple campaigns for multiple websites and you will find all the statistics, notifications and tools you will ever require.

From here you can monitor campaign performance alongside your account manager and edit, change and split test a variety of messages, agents and windows to maximize your conversions.

Your agent transcript will be written by our expert writers based on your website content and FAQs, plus it will be using our extensive global database of intelligent responses.

Campaign optimization is handled daily by your personal account manager who will split test different chat windows, opening messages, agent names etc to get the best “Opening Click Through Rates” and “Chats Per Sale” ratios we can, and make strategic decisions based upon our huge array of statistics available inside our control panel.

By monitoring chat logs your account manager will make sure intellichat is answering all questions correctly, and will continue to create and optimize responses, to achieve the best possible conversion rates.

Sign Up to IntelliChat Now!

Get Traffic To Your New Forum

Starting a new forum is very time consuming as well as a difficult task. The biggest problem is not creating and setting up your forum but getting people to register and be active in the forum. I get asked all the time on how to build a successful forum. The most important thing is to make sure you already have a good flow of traffic. Already having a website established with lots of users visiting your website and then adding a forum will be much easier then starting a forum from scratch. Here are some tips that should help you get your forum moving along.

Hire people to post in your forum

There are a lot of companies out there that you can pay for so many posts. Do some research online and make sure they have good reviews and feedback.

Some services that offer paid forum posting

Offer Contest

Having a contest to help build your forum is an easy and cheap way to get people to register and participate in your forum. You could offer people who join your forum and post 10 quality posts (Not short “thank you” posts will count) an entry into a drawing to win an ipod or something related to your forum.

You can then post your contest on other similar forums or other websites to bring in traffic.

Offer Incentive

Similar to having a contest, you can offer new forum members points or rewards for posting so many times. There are a lot of forum addons that offer reward points that can be cashed in for rewards and prizes.

Ad Revenue Sharing

Offer to share your ad space with forum users who meet a certain criteria. When users sign up they can enter there google adsense ID and when they post messages in your forum a banner can rotate with the users ads. OR you can offer a rev share (percentage) of the click to your members.

These are just a few ideas to help promote your new forum. Check back soon as I will be adding new ideas later.

In-House Affiliate Program or Network?

If you have a website selling a niche product and you are thinking about expanding and starting an affiliate program you have two choice; create your own in-house affiliate program or join a network. It’s a tough decision to choose between. I recommend to do both if possible.

Benefits of Joining a Network

There are lots of reasons to join a network and the biggest reason is exposure. You will instantly be exposed to thousands of affiliates looking to promote offers. If your product is popular or has a good conversion ratio then more affiliates will run your offer. If your offer is mediocre or doesn’t convert well then you will have a harder time finding affiliates to run your offer.

Another advantage of working with a network is that you hopefully can have a “Super Affiliate” run your offer. A super affiliate is what every network dreams of, an affiliate that has a high level of traffic and brings in a lot of conversions. Most super affiliates stick with one or so networks because the networks take good care of them. Having a super affiliate run your offer means you will see a lot of traffic.

Most importantly, a large benefit of joining a network is having someone else manage it for you. This leaves you more time to manage your site and focus on sales.

Disadvantages of Joining a Network

Joining a network means fees, it will cost you more money to join an affiliate network. Besides paying your setup fee which can sometimes be upwards of $5,000 you could be paying 25% more CPA. For example, the networks service fee is 25% and based on the commission amount paid to the Affiliate. So if the Affiliate is paid $10 commission, the network will receive $2.50. The total cost to you is $12.50.

Another disadvantage of joining a network is that some, not all, CPA networks push lots of spam. CPA networks gets their money through the performance of their affiliates so I know quite a few are pushing affiliates to make a sale/lead/etc without much ethical concern. This could come back to hurt your product and your reputation.

Depending on your product you might be better suited to join one of the larger networks or stick with CPM or Adsense style advertising. It would be better not to judge CPA networks as a whole, but research some individual networks, and see who comes out clean.

Benefits of an In-House Affiliate Program

Using your own in-house affiliate program allows you to customize it to suite your website. Having your affiliate program branded with your website logo and having the design and layout match your website will make it look more professional.

You will also be able to offer your affiliates more ways of promoting your product, like off line advertising, special discount codes tailored to certain affiliates.

One of the biggest reason to have an in-house affiliate program is search engine ranking. By having an in-house affiliate program every affiliate link generated is with your websites url. When your affiliate links to your website this creates a back link which will help your Google page rank and search engine ranking.


Network Link:

In-House Affiliate Program:

Also, with in-house affiliate programs you have the option of link structure for affiliate links. Here is an example of the top three link structures you might be able to use. This varies depending on which affiliate software you use or if you create your own.


With in-house affiliate programs you have 100% control over your affiliate program. You can review each affiliates contact information and check it for fraud or contact them individually and offer them special incentives for promoting your product.

Disadvantages of an In-House Affiliate Program

The biggest disadvantage is time spent on managing your in-house affiliate program. It takes a long time to setup your affiliate program. You will need to have a powerful server to handle all the traffic as well as create your own banners and advertisements.

Another big downfall of in-house affiliate programs is that you are limited in exposure to affiliates. If your affiliate has never heard of your product then they are not going to find the sign-up page to promote it.

What To Do

If you are going to go with a network to promote your products I suggest you visit our list of affiliate networks to find an affiliate network that is suitable for your needs.

Affiliate Network Software

JROX Affiliate Software

DirectTrack (Most Expensive)

If you are looking to buy software we encourage you to contact us we would be happy to help you select the affiliate software suitable for your needs.

Get your DBA (Doing Business As) yourself

Get your DBA (Doing Business As) yourself

Doing Business As (DBA) - Fictitious Business Name

Most states require you to file a DBA if you are doing business under a name different than your legal name. So last night I was up searching the internet for how to file a DBA (Doing Business As) and costs related to it. I found numerous sites but they where all “services” which meant they would do it for you for a fee. So I did some more digging and finally found my states information website on it (Every state is different). Anyhow the next day I just made a call to my local county clerks office and was told it would only take 10 minutes and cost $10! I was excited. It was very simple and easy, just needed my name and address as well as my business address (can be your home address). Make sure you bring your drivers license. You have to get it notarized, but most clerks that work there are notaries and will do it for you. After that I paid her and she said I would probably have my certified papers tomorrow. Thats it, very easy and definitely not worth it to pay someone.


DBA stands for “doing business as” and is an official registration of your business name. In some states, this is referred to as a “fictitious business name” or “assumed” name.

Our business filing experts can help you save time by filing a DBA application for you. We file your DBA with the required government agencies, and even publish it in most states. You’ll receive the approval and publication certificate for your records.

  • Open a bank account and collect checks and payments under your business name
  • Start advertising on business cards, signs and your website
  • Present your business professionally by collecting checks and payments under your business name
  • Discourage others from registering your name by officially using your DBA

DBA registration is necessary if your company conducts any business and/or collects money under a name other than your own name. Also, banks generally require a DBA registration in order to open a business bank account.

DBAs are not just for sole proprietors. If you are a corporation or LLC and want to do business under a name different than your corporate name, you may be required to file for a DBA(fictitious business name).

Have someone do it for you:


MyCorporation by Intuit Company also does DBA’s for you for a fee. They also have a nice free guide to registering your business name.

Click Here to Learn More About MyCorporation DBA Filing

Save over 30% when you renew your .INFO now

Save over 30% when you renew your .INFO now

We’re thrilled you chose to register your .INFO domain. To show our appreciation, we’re giving you over 30% OFF your .INFO renewal — now only $6.99* for the first year — PLUS all the FREE extras you received when you originally registered your domain.**

Use source code gdr0517k at or call us by phone at 480-505-8821 to get your savings. But hurry, this special offer expires at midnight (Pacific Time) on June 4, 2009!

To renew your .INFO domain

To renew your .INFO domain(s):

  1. Select “Domain Renewals” now or go to My Renewals & Upgrades at If asked, log in with your user name and password.
  2. Select all your .INFO domains to renew.
  3. Click “Continue”
  4. Place source code gdr0517k in your cart to receive 30% off .INFO renewals — just $6.99 for the first year.*

GoDaddy Bulk Registration

GoDaddy Bulk Registration

I just found GoDaddy’s list with Bulk Registration Pricing. This is the price you pay per year per domain if you register multiple domains at the same time. You can save up to 50% with the special bulk pricing and some times it might even be cheaper to add extra domains to you order to get to the next pricing tier (e.g. it’s cheaper to buy 7 .net domains than to buy 5 .net domains).

Bulk pricing will be applied based upon the total number of domains in your list - no matter which domain extensions are selected. For example, if you order 46 .com domains and 6 .net domains, the entire order will get the bulk pricing for 50-100 domains.

1 - 5 6 - 20 21 - 49 50 - 100 100+
.COM* 10.69 8.99 8.49 7.99 7.29
.NET* 12.99 8.99 8.49 6.49 5.99
.ORG* 14.99 8.99 8.49 7.99 7.29
.BIZ* 14.99 9.99 8.99 7.99 6.99
.US 19.99 9.99 8.99 7.00 7.29

* Plus ICANN fee of 20 cents per domain name per year.

Another benefit is that you get free Domain Registration Privacy for your .COM, .NET, .INFO, .ORG, .ME, .TV, .MOBI, .BIZ, .WS and .CC domain when you register five or more domains at one time ($8.99/year value).

Please note if you primarily are buying .com domains, you don’t have to worry about bulk pricing. In most cases you’ll be better of using one of our promo codes. The promo code promo749 lets you buy .com domains for only $7.49/domain, so you’ll have to buy 100+ domains before the rebate kicks in.

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Interspire Products - Try Free


The World’s Most Popular Web-Based Software
Interspire is a global leader in e-commerce, content management and email marketing software for business owners, digital agencies and ISP’s. Over 20,000 businesses worldwide rely on Interspire software to start online stores, launch content-driven web sites, and profit from email marketing. 5,000 people in over 60 countries use at least one Interspire product every day.

Interspire Products Try Free

  • Interspire Email Marketer, our flagship product, is the email marketing software digital agencies and ISP’s choose when they need to offer a reliable, easy-to-use email marketing solution to their clients. With over 7,000 active installs the product includes features such as multiple user accounts, granular permissions, point-and-click campaign creation, autoresponders and segments.
  • Interspire Shopping Cart is a new breed of ecommerce software. The product allows non-technical users to create an ecommerce store from scratch which they can customize without the help of a web developer. Everything from logo, design, layout and text can be changed thanks to the included Design Mode functionality, invented by Interspire.
  • Interspire Shopping Cart (Virtual Mall Edition) Interspire Shopping Cart Multi Vendor edition allows multiple vendors to sell online through a single storefront. Each vendor has their own profile, web pages and featured products, can add their own products, process orders and refunds, and more.
  • Interspire Website Publisher is a flexible content management system which can be used as the foundation of any website. The product allows non-technical users to create an extremely flexible website without any programming. Features include the ability to define custom content types and tailor the layout of the website to your specific requirements and business processes.
  • Interspire Knowledge Manager is an enterprise-grade knowledge management system used by thousands of corporates and universities. Features such as LDAP integration, MySQL and SQL Server make implementation and user adoption painless. The product features full workflow support, versioning and on the fly creation and editing of knowledge items.
  • Interspire WebEdit was the first ever browser-based web page editing tool for digital agencies with small business clients. The product is private label, includes a file browser and WYSIWYG editor which allows business owners to make changes to their website without the help of IT staff, and has an implementation time of under an hour. Free Trial

Webmasters Earn Money Promoting Interspire Products and earn 15% for each sale!

GoDaddy $12.99 SSL Sale!

Go Daddy $12.99 SSL Sale!

People are getting smart about online security. More and more of them are looking for the padlock icon and “https” prefix in the address bar of their browser before submitting personal information online. If your Web site doesn’t have an SSL Certificate, visitors may leave before making a purchase, creating an account or even signing up for a newsletter. But you can change all that with an SSL from

All SSL Certificates:

  • Are Affordable – See why our prices are so low.
  • Provide Warranty Information.
  • Are based on virtually unbreakable 128-bit and high grade 256-bit encryption.
  • Offer 99% browser recognition.
  • Are supported live, 24/7, by our expert staff.
  • Do not rely on third parties for their Public Key Infrastructure; our Certificate Authority owns its Trusted Root.

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