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Wordpress blog not ranking in Google

Does Google Hate WordPress and Other Blog Platforms? I have talked with other site owners who use Wordpress as a blog or CMS and they too have had similar problems. High ranking in Yahoo Search Engine and other smaller search engines but no ranking in Google Search Engine.

Why is this?

I am not sure, there is no reason stated on Google’s help pages and I have not yet received a response from Google as to why this is happening. One conclusion I have is that Google marks “Blogs” and removes them from general search listings, only to show up under Google’s Blog Search.


The first couple search results for “Unmastered Affiliate” in the Google search engine get results for our Unmastered Affiliate Series on As you can see our main website is no where to be found. It’s not even on the second page.

unmastered affiliate google search

(Click Photo to Enlarge)

But when you search “Unmastered Affiliate” in Yahoo Search Engine the results are different:

unmastered affiliate yahoo search results

(Click Photo to Enlarge)

As you can see we are ranked #1 in Yahoo Search Engine.


So far this is a mystery to me and other site owners who use Wordpress. It really does kill your traffic coming from Google. If you are interested in learning more or want to find out more information on the outcome of my search, please reply or email me at .

Manage Affiliate Links 3 Released!

With the new release of Manage Affiliate Links 3 comes a lot more features and options. This is a big milestone for Manage Affiliate Links. We have taken all your feedback over the past year and have applied it to version 3. Some new features include; stealth links, real time link checker, custom email notification, visual link statistics, quick stats, and so much more!

Never before was it possible to know when a link was down. Manage Affiliate Links is the only link management solution that gives you so many options for your links. No more using two, three, or even four different link management scripts to suite your needs.

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Manage Affiliate Links is an all in one solution that every affiliate webmaster needs and cannot live without. So simple to use with a vast collection of features and tools. You can easily add, manage, and edit links from an administration panel.

Basic Links
Looking to just do a simple link redirect has never been so easy. Just add the link, choose the name, and your done!

Advanced Links
Take it one step further and choose a backup link to make sure just in case your original affiliate link expires or goes dead that your visitors never see a 401 page error or “sorry this offer has expired” page again!

Stealth New!
New with Version 3.0 allows you to stealth your link redirect. This feature will load your affiliate link first before automatically redirecting to your stealth link. Great for deep linking to a merchants website that doesn’t offer this solution.

Get real time stats for each link. Find out which links are dead or live. Provides visual graphs with daily and monthly statistics with the options to view your top 25 most active links and least active links.

CDGcommerce - Accept Credit Card Payments

Merchant Account Provider - CDG Commerce

Selecting the right merchant processor is one of the most important decisions a business will make. CDGcommerce provides a full range of merchant payment processing services covering every segment of the industry.

Learn More About CDGcommerce

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Merchant Account Provider - CDG Commerce

Internet Services

Our primary area of expertise has always been Internet merchant processing. This is an area that has often been considered “too risk” or “too complex” by most typical banks and ISO’s.

At CDGcommerce, we’re intimately familiar with all aspects of
Internet merchant processing and this is our primary area of expertise.

Our staff has worked with every major Payment Gateway, Shopping Cart
and Billing Application in the Internet industry, giving us a strong
level of expertise with which to advise our merchants and resellers.

You can rest assured that when you ask us a question related to
Internet payment processing, you will receive expert advice that you
can count on for your business.

Quick Links

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CPA Network Myths

Before I give my list of CPA network myths, let me just say that CPA networks are indeed not for all affiliates. If you run content loaded websites, you might find little success with CPA and would be better suited to stick with CPM or Adsense style advertising. (Message boards, blogs, articles). If your website is specifically geared to send surfers to the sponsor (loyalty programs, free stuff websites, etc), CPA is probably best for you. If you run a website which pushes a catalog of products from a variety of sponsors, going with an Affiliate Network is probably your best bet. From 9 years of experience in this business, I can say that usually these affiliate types don’t mesh well. An affiliate doing well on CPA won’t touch shopping cart affiliate programs, and those who see fantastic results with product-catalog type merchants balk at how horrible CPA networks are. You can ask if CPA in general is bad on boards like ABW, but you’ll usually only see one side of the affiliate coin… from people who honestly have little experience dealing with CPA networks… and repeat what they’ve heard and not what they know. Your best bet is to match your sponsorship to the type of website you run.

MYTH: CPA networks are just middle men and you should just work through an affiliate program instead.

TRUTH: Most affiliate programs are run though a network, be it LinkShare, CJ, or elsewhere. These networks charge the advertiser fees, 30% in the case of CJ. Most CPA networks make deals with these merchants outside of their affiliate network, outside CJ if you will, and avoid these 30% fees. The CPA network will keep a margin too, but it’s usually significantly lower than 30%. This is part of the reason why CPA networks can give you a higher payout than doing “direct” through the affiliate network. You can in theory go outside of the affiliate network and work direct yourself, be like a CPA network, but most affiliates don’t command the volume needed for direct deals.

MYTH: CPA networks only deal with spammers

TRUTH: Like it or not, email marketing is a legit business. The gov’t passed the CanSpam law a couple years ago which defined how affiliates could use email marketing, set rules in place to follow, and if the marketer follows these rules, he’s not a spammer. Most CPA networks do not tolerate real spam. Beyond whether it’s right or wrong, doing business with spammers will get your ISP shut down, risk litigation, and cause all kinds of nightmares. True spam, the Viagra and porn stuff, don’t follow any of the CanSpam rules and you’ll notice don’t run through CPA networks. There are of course exceptions to the rules, some networks are more gray area than others, but they are the exception. So how did CPA networks get this bad reputation? Most CPA network, ourselves included, are run by companies that started out in email marketing. Like anything, there are exceptions, like networks with bad histories in email, but most were/are legit email marketing companies. Unfortunately some unlearned affiliates label all commercial email as spam.

MYTH: CPA network are just a front for adware.

TRUTH: Adware is problem for everyone, be it a CPA network or an affiliate network. There is as much adware in big affiliate networks as elsewhere. The sad honest truth is that these adware companies are so big now, command so much traffic, most strike direct deals with the end merchants and don’t use any networks at all, be it CPA network or otherwise. Again, there are exceptions, but most affiliates in CPA networks are just normal publishers earning via their website/newsletter/search engine marketing, small businessmen just trying to run a legit business.

MYTH: The merchant would rather you join his affiliate program.

TRUTH: While this is sometimes true, it’s not always the case. MANY merchants run an affiliate program as an afterthought and would rather not deal with individual publishers. They start their program on a big network like CJ simply to access CJ’s large pool of existing affiliates, not out of a want to run an affiliate program, and have no interest in dealing with individual affiliates. They set their program on auto-approve, and do nothing other than let traffic roll in. It’s far easier to manage working with 5 CPA networks who have a total of 10,000 affiliates than working with those 10,000 affiliates direct in an affiliate program. In many cases, it’s no work at all for the merchant to run with a CPA network. They just give the network a landing URL and watch traffic come in. At the end of the day, most merchants just want as much traffic as possible, be it from their affiliate program or a CPA network… or most usually a combination of both.

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9 Tips for Organizing Your PPC Campaigns

The importance of staying on top of your PPC campaigns cannot be overstated. Get nine tips to optimize your PPC results and tame the Google Beast In this free guide.

In this free guide, we discuss nine tips for managing the complexity of PPC for peak performance, including how to:

  • Understand the Google AdWords structure
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  • Separate campaigns for content and search networks
  • Separate campaigns for fat head and long tail keywords
  • Filter Campaign Summary by Network
  • Organize ad groups around keywords
  • Use the “Sculpture Method” to get your campaign under control
  • Conduct controlled experiments
  • Use Lyris HQ PPC Management

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JROX.COM Affiliate Manager (JAM)

JROX.COM Affiliate Manager

JROX.COM Affiliate Manager (JAM) = Powerful Affiliate Marketing Software

What Exactly is JAM?

JROX.COM Affiliate Manager, also known as JAM, is an affiliate and membership management system. This system allows you to recruit, manage, and build an army of online affiliates that can help promote your products and services throughout the Internet.

Where does JAM come in?

JAM can be used to help you recruit and manage affiliates as well as give them exclusive access to marketing and promotional tools to promote your business.

These tools have unique tracking codes that your affiliate can use so that any referring customer that they send to you, they will get the proper commission for it.

JAM will also help you manage most of the aspects of your affiliate marketing strategy from signup, to member management, to payment of affiliates, and to keeping proper records of commissions. It will even manage your affiliate marketing tools such as banner ads, text links, email ads that you can assign to affiliates that will help them to promote your products and services.

Why Use JAM?

The better question is: Why not? With JAM, you have a world-class affiliate management script that will handle most of your affiliate management tasks. You can even get started at no initial cost as we offer a free downloadable version. This version is exactly the same as the licensed version, except it’s limited to 50 affiliate members.
Here are just a few reasons where JAM can help you build a successful affiliate program:

  1. Easy Affiliate Signup and Management - JAM creates the affiliate signup forms as well as confirms the affiliate email for you. You also have the option to approve affiliates before they are allowed to login. Welcome Emails with their unique affiliate details for promoting your products are automatically sent to them as well.
  2. Easy Commission Management – JAM’s commission management features makes your affiliate payments a snap. Once commissions are generated, you can login to JAM, approve them with one step, and create a mass payment file for upload to your payment processor, such as Paypal. It can all be done in a few minutes.
    You can even set an option to auto-approve your commissions at preset-intervals!
  3. Wide Variety of Marketing and Promotion Tools - Promote your products and services through your affiliates effortlessly by giving them access to banner ads, text ads, text links, hover ads and so much more. And the great thing about this, all you have to do is create the ads in JAM, and the codes are automatically created for your affiliates in the members’ area.
  4. Automatically Send Training and Motivational Materials To Your Affiliates - With JAM, you’ll get your own Automatic Follow-Up Module so you can send your new affiliates your very own training materials via email. Create a complete follow-up training sequence to email your affiliates every day, helping them to learn how to promote your products more successfully.
  5. Analyze Your Affiliates Performance - JAM gives you access to a number of reports and graphs for affiliate, website, and commission analysis. You’ll know exactly how your affiliates and your marketing tools are performing.
  6. Create Pay-Per-Click, Pay-Per-Sale, Pay-Per-Lead, or CPM Tracking - JAM allows you to create different types of affiliate programs depending on what your needs are. These include Pay-Per-Click, Pay-Per-Sale, Pay-Per-Lead, or CPM(Cost Per Thousand) Tracking
  7. Integrates with Virtually any Payment Processor / Shopping Cart - JAM will integrate with pretty much any shopping cart, payment processor, or thank you page for commission generation
JROX.COM Affiliate Manager (JAM) = Powerful Affiliate Marketing Software

9 Ways to Make Marketing Work During Challenging Times

Should Your Marketing Change During Challenging Times?
New GlobalSpec White Paper Reveals 9 Ways to Make Marketing
Work in a Difficult Business Environment
In challenging times, it’s more important than ever to find optimal ways to get more out of marketing investments, and measure and account for marketing decisions. How can you maximize your company’s marketing efforts?

Find out by downloading “Pragmatic Business Strategy: 9 Ways to Make Marketing Work in Challenging Times.” Designed for companies within the industrial sector, this white paper offers advice on how your company can be one of those “success stories” that market and grow their business during challenging times.

It provides practical tips for making marketing work in a difficult business environment, helping to:

  • Prevent a downward spiral of falling behind
  • Gain market share from competitors who cut back
  • Position your company for a surge when conditions improve

You’ll also discover how GlobalSpec can help you meet specific marketing goals designed to help you reach your target audience effectively, gain greater control and measurement over marketing investments, and seize market opportunity through a variety of proven tactics — even in these challenging times.

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