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Sandisk Holiday Sales

Hello everybody,

If you are like me, you work on multiple computers and it sometimes gets hard transferring all your data back and forth. A few months ago I bought the xx and the transfer speeds where incredible. Good news is that Sandisk is having a special holiday sale where you can get the 4GB free after rebate. I bought the 8GB models which are only $9.62 after rebate.

Sandisk 4GB Extreme III Compact Flash Card

SANDISK 4GB SD Extreme III Memory Card

Mail-in Rebate: Buy one card, get $10 back. Buy two cards, get $30 back. Buy 3 cards, get $60 back.


Sandisk Extreme III SDHC 8GB Memory Card

Mail-in Rebate: Buy one card, get $15 back. Buy two cards, get $35 back. Buy 3 cards, get $70 back.


$10 off any $75 purchase at Abe’s of Maine. Use code LOYALTY10 on any products and save.

$10 Off for all our friends! Use coupon code FRIEND10 for $10 off any order of $75 or more.

Basics on Budgeting

Remember that you can set your own budget, so you are in control of how much you spend each month—and you can adjust it at any time. Here are three things to consider when you set your budget:

1 Your Daily Spending Limit

  • You can set daily spending limits—the amount you want to spend each day—for your entire account and for each campaign (if you wish). You can estimate your monthly budget to be approximately 30 times your account’s daily spending limit. If you reach your daily spending limit, your ads may stop displaying for the rest of the day and you will be notified with an alert.

2 Account Limit vs. Campaign Limit

  • Although you can set your daily spending limit at both the campaign and account levels, the system generally won’t spend more than your account limit*. So make sure your account limit is high enough to cover what you want to spend on all of your campaigns put together.
  • Keep in mind that if you add keywords and campaigns, you may want to consider increasing your account daily spending limit, so that you can get the amount of clicks you want for each campaign. If you go over your daily spending limit, your ads may stop showing for the day.

3 How Much Should I Spend?

  • There’s really no definitive answer. Like most advertisers, you may start by picking an amount you can afford and see how well it performs over time.
  • Don’t spread yourself too thin—pick your most profitable products or services to start with, and focus your budget on them. Start small and expand as appropriate.
  • It’s important to look at how often your clicks are turning into sales, and keep it in mind when adjusting your budget. This concept of calculating your return on investment (ROI) or cost per acquisition (CPA) takes a little bit of effort, but the work pays off when you’re spending wisely.

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Ways to Help Improve Your Rank and Lower Your Cost-Per-Click

Basics on Quality Index and Ad Copy

Your ad quality, which is based in part on how frequently people click on your ads relative to your competitors, matters a lot. High-quality ads can receive higher ranking on the search results page at a possibly lower cost-per-click. On the other hand, poor-quality ads can cost you more and are most likely not attracting customers. So it’s critical to write good ad copy that will help improve the quality of your ad and help you get more clicks.

Monitoring and Maintaining Your Quality Index
In your account, ad quality is represented by your quality index. You will see the quality index shown as one to five bars—the more bars an ad has, the higher its quality. Monitoring your ads’ quality indices, which are displayed on the Ad Group details page, can help you figure out which ads need more work.

Writing Effective Ad Copy
Well-written ads get the attention of your customers and may improve your click-through rate (CTR) and ad quality. Here are some tips for writing great ads:

Be clear and precise - Write ads that are clear, concise, honest and, of course, grammatically correct. Don’t over-hype your business.
Use your keywords in your ad - Use the Insert Keyword function, available when you create a new ad or edit an existing one, to automatically insert your keyword in your ad. Keywords in your title or description help your customers recognize that your ad matches their search.
What’s in it for your customers? - Be specific as to how your service or product can benefit your customer.
Include a call-to-action - Words like “Buy Now” in your ad may encourage customers to click. If you have a specific offer, make sure you state it.
Set yourself apart - Let people know how you’re different from your competitors—free shipping, a money-back guarantee, many years in business and so on—and give them a reason to click your ad instead.

Find out which Ads Work Best
Make sure you use ad testing, also known as A/B testing, to test multiple ads. When you create more than one ad in an ad group, our system will automatically display the higher performing ads more frequently in search results. With different ad copy, you can see which ads attract the most customers.

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Tips to Boost Business

Add a logo

Branding your site with your custom images
Your company logo is a powerful visual tool that identifies your company at a glance. Adding your logo and other custom images to the header of your Web site creates a more polished and professional look that your customers will appreciate. Check out these quick tips for customizing your logo and uploading it to your site. Need imagery to get started? Find free logos and art from LogoYes and Punchstock.

Web site reports

Making the most of Web site reports
Reports are a great way to get information about your Web site and your customers. They make it easy to track how many people are visiting your site, what pages they are looking at, how they found your site, and much more. You can use these reports to improve your Web site, and to discover new potential customer bases. Find out how you can put Web site reports to work for you. For more insight, watch a video demo on converting customers.

Once you learn from your reports which keywords and search engines are driving traffic to your site, use that information to inform your search advertising. Give it a try with free online ads from WebVisible and AdReady.

Contact customers

Quick Tip: Adding customer data from online forms into Contact Manager
Microsoft Office Live Small Business features are designed to work together. Here’s an example: When a customer fills out the Contact Us module on your Web page, you can have their information added to your Contact Manager database automatically. Here’s how you do it:

  1. In Page Manager, next to your Contact Us page, or on a page where you’ve added a Contact Us module, click Edit.
  2. Click the border of the module to select it.
  3. Right-click and then select Properties from the menu.
  4. In the Change the Contact Us delivery settings box, select Add contacts as new leads in Contact Manager.
  5. Click OK and save your page changes.

Once you have Contact Manager populated with customers, you can use it to send direct mail campaigns by exporting the data to a file. Give it a try with this special direct mail offer from Pitney Bowes. Even print your own postage from Stamps with $25 free credit.

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Bidding Basics

Figuring out how to set the right bid for your business can be tough. If your bids are too high, you may reach your daily spending limit much faster than you planned. If you set your bid too low, your ad may not get enough clicks.

But don’t panic: We have some best practices to share. Specifically, when setting your bids, we recommend that you…

1.) Consider your daily spending limit.

  • Make sure that your bids will not deplete your daily spending limit in just a few clicks.
  • Example: If you have a $3 daily spending limit, don’t set your bids at $1 or more.
  • Think about the number of keywords that you are bidding on—remember, they share the same account daily spending limits.

2.) Test the waters.

  • Start with low bids, watch your account to see what’s working for you, and adjust.
  • Remember that it takes time (and patience) to figure out the bid amounts that will generate your desired click volume.
  • Consider the value of each keyword. Different keywords have different values—for you and the marketplace.
  • Example: A plasma TV is worth more than a TV remote control, so those keywords might warrant very different bids.
  • Is a keyword generic or very specific? Specific “niche” keywords can often attract very engaged search users at a low cost.



  • Your bid is the maximum amount that you are willing to pay for a click.
  • Your cost-per-click (CPC) is the actual amount you pay for a click, and may be lower than your bid.

Manage Affiliate Links - An Affiliate Must Have!

Manage Affiliate Links boasts its software redirects dead, expired, or broken links to the url of your choice… and it does!!! This software is amazing and has already saved me so much money. You would be surprised how many times a week I had offers expire and had no idea. I ran a test on a campaign that I knew was expiring early and wanted to see how much I would of lost until I was notified by my affiliate network. (Results below)

Ok, check it out for yourself. I set up a quick demo to show you how it works. I am currently running the software on my site and created a link that is no longer working. I also put a sample link showing how normal link redirecting (cloaking) scripts don’t cut it anymore. I needed something better.

Normal Link Redirect Software:

Manage Affiliate Links Redirect Software:

Original Link:…..(affiliate code)

Redirect Link:

As you can see, instead of having it display “The link is not currently active.” error message from sharealsale the visitor is taken to another url that I choose. I have it setup for I found this most useful for my diet websites where I have so many diet offers that come and go and all of them are about the same. I have it setup to redirect to another diet offer that is very similar. Converting 15% more!

Visit Manage Affiliate Links Now!

PHP Firewall Script - Special Offer

PHP Firewall Script - Special Offer If you run a site based on any of the popular open source programs like Wordpress or Drupal, or even if you use a custom made CMS to power your site the chances are it has some vulnerabilities. The proof is in the pudding with many, well documented exploits found in software like Wordpress…and this is one of the most popular open source projects in the world with thousands of developers contributing code. You would think that it would be more secure, but it isn’t.

The Firewall Script is the first and only PHP based firewall script on the market which protects your site from intruders and hackers looking to exploit your site for personal gain or possibly just out of malice. The beauty of the Firewall script is that it is so simple…it requires no complex configuration, just upload it, tweak one file to reflect your domain and you have the peace of mind that your domain is safe from unwanted intrusions.

PHP Firewall Script keeps you safe from hackers

If you are running a site that gets any amount of traffic this is an absolute no brainer, and at $85 it is the cheapest insurance policy you can buy.

Definitely worth a look

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