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How not posting hurts your blog

Every blog owner loves the days when he or she gets a lot of traffic. But some blog owners hate writing articles. There are 3 things that are an effect of not writing articles on your blog.

1. Google, and other search engines will slowly realize that you do not update your site. This will lead to them putting your site lower and lower for keywords. That is why many webmasters preach “content is king”. If you write a post everyday Google will notice, and give you more “love”. But if you don’t write frequently, or at all, Google will not give you “love”.

2. Your readers will drift away. This is not like the search engine problem, were it is slow and steady. This is more of a fast process. Your readers, if you have any will realize after a week or so what is going on. They may stay connected to your rss feed for about 2 weeks, but after that most of them will unsubscribe. This has happened to me before when I had a blogspot blog. I had 18 readers, and in 2 weeks they wore gone. Just like that.

3. You lose credibility if you start another blog. If you start another blog after the blog that you ditched, many people will be afraid you will ditch again. You will have lost trust with the people that had read your other blog.

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